Empowering Nursing Facilities


In our model, the nursing facilities DO NOT need to allocate any capital or resources. We eliminate the burden of starting the practice. We perform all set-up services and assume initial and ongoing practice administrative costs. For facilities wishing to maintain their current providers, we can enlist in them to be directly employed by the facilities and continue their service.

We staff with healthcare providers by:

  • Implementing recruiting strategies.
    • Recruitment pool includes current facility providers and local hospitalists & primary care providers
    • Recruiting Agencies
    • Once one facility is staffed, then the same pool of candidates can be used to staff other local facilities
  • Starting with part-time providers and build a census from new admissions and grow the practice.
  • Incorporating nurse practitioners/physician assistants can be implemented to bridge gaps in coverage including evenings, weekends, and holidays.


The nursing facilities DO NOT NEED to budget for practice management. We launch and manage the practice at NO COST, NO RISK, AND NO STRAIN to the nursing facilities.

The health insurance reimbursements for provider services offset provider compensation and our MSO administrative fees, leaving a SIGNIFICANT NET REVENUE for the nursing facilities.

  • We bill health insurance companies including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial products.
  • We bill for provider services under the NPI/TIN of the nursing facilities to enable health insurance companies to directly reimburse them.

We provide all practice operations and assume these costs:

  • Facility Support
    • Healthcare provider recruitment
    • Marketing to hospitals
  • Medical Records
    • Medical Documentation/EMR
    • Tablets/Laptops for EMR
    • Dictation/Dragon Documentation
    • Photo-Based Wound Care EMR
    • MDS/SBAR/State Survey Supports

  • Provider Support
    • Medical Malpractice Insurance
    • State Licensing/Registration
    • Facility Credentialing
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME) in Geriatrics & Wound Care
    • Certifications and training
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Superbill Creation
    • Billing/Collection Services
    • Health Insurance Credentialing
    • Accounting Services
    • Contracting/Payroll
    • LLC/S-Corp (Subsidiary) Creation


Medical practices at nursing facilities harbors GREAT POTENTIAL.

We can:

  • Expand our practice model into “sister” facilities operated by the same “parent” company.
  • Add an inpatient service to enable facility providers to care for residents admitted to the hospital. This allows the facility providers to “follow” the residents to maintain continuity of care. This is a valuable tool giving the facility a strong presence in the hospital.
  • Incorporate other disciplines, such as podiatry, physiatry, and geriatric psychiatry, into the practice.
  • Implement platforms that analyze Minimum Data Sets (MDS) and Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) indices.
  • Obtain expertise from facility consultation services to improve facility operations and survey performance such as “mock” audits.

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