Bridge the Gap

in Nursing Facilities

We Can Help Bridge the Gap in GENERAL GERIATRIC CARE

Our solution in general geriatric care entails:

  • Individual providers with greater presence in the facility throughout the day to address acute medical issues and prevent hospital re-admissions
  • Platforms that integrate with the facility EMR to optimize provider documentation
  • Continuity of care documentation (CCD) to improve EMR incorporation of outside medical records
  • Visual platforms that improve telehealth medicine
  • Protocols that promote CMS guidelines by achieving Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) and Merit-based Incentive Systems (MIPS)

There is a GAP in WOUND CARE
in Nursing Facilities

We Can Help Bridge the Gap in WOUND CARE

We have an exceptional track record. The hallmarks of our wound care management includes:

  • Expert wound care trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses
  • Conduct routine wound care and beyond with an interdisciplinary healthcare team
  • Picture-based wound care EMR to optimize documentation
  • Counseling to residents and families
  • Prevention wound-related F-tags and other deficiencies
  • Treatment and prevention of all types of wounds including decubitus/pressure ulcers
  • Prevention of hospital (re)-admissions for wound-related complications
  • Minimizing of referrals to outside wound care centers and other outside clinics by bringing that level of care to the facility

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